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Cyber extra large cross &Pearl choker
  • Cyber extra large cross &Pearl choker

    inkl. MwSt. |


    * Base Material of the beaded collar : High quality highlight simulated pearl /8mm.

    *Pendent material:316 L Tianium steel /10cm

    *Chain length:35cm+15cm

    *Chain width: 3.8 cm

    *Pendant length : 10cm


      For longer product life, remember to always put this piece on as the 'finishing touch', after using perfumes, hair spray and make-up. If cosmetics are applied while wearing jewellery, they will build up on the surface, dulling its appearance. To clean this piece, please use lukewarm water with a small amount of mild washing-up liquid, then rinse with cold water and dab dry with a soft cloth

    • Pearls care info

      Please do not spray perfume and cosmetics on pearl necklaces, as this will cause yellowing and discoloration. If chemicals are stuck on them, please wash them with warm water and weak alkaline soap in time after wearing them.

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